Caleb Maine


We should not accept so many immigrants.

Dear next president,

Is America really the greatest country in the world, because I don’t feel like it is. You need to start cracking down on how many immigrants are allowed into America. I'm not saying everyone should be denied, but we should reduce the number of people we are letting in and they must have the correct paperwork. Personally if my country was at war with itself and my life was in danger everyday I would want to move to “the greatest country in the world”, but right now it feels like that statement is almost false.

We also need to find a way to stop immigrants from sneaking into the U.S. If they sneak in and are caught without paperwork they should be deported back to their country. All the people sneaking in should have some sort of punishment. Just think how many of those immigrants are bringing crime into our cities.

Sincerely, Caleb