Aaron W. Alabama

The Trojan Horse of Modern Times

An influx of Syrian refugees could be a danger to our society. We have granted over 110,000 refugees asylum in our country. When are we going to realize we are putting American lives at risk?

Dear Future President,

Since the spring of 2011, the Syrian Arab Republic has been in a civil war. Many belligerents fight for control of the war-torn nation while an excess of refugees flee the country seeking asylum in Europe and in the United States. Terrorist organizations have taken advantage of this, most notably ISIL, and have blended themselves in with these refugees.

On the nineteenth of November, nine Islamic extremists conducted multiple terrorist attacks on France. Six of the suspects had originated or came back from Syria through refugee movements. Around the same time, the Obama administration pledged that over 70,000 Syrian refugees will be granted asylum in the United States. That number just recently grew to over 110,000. Let’s do some simple math. If 110,000 refugees came over and for every ten refugees there was a terrorist, that would still be 11,000 terrorists.

“Given the tragedy in Paris last Friday, the U.S. simply cannot, should not and must not accept any Syrian refugees.” - Ben Carson

If we were to accept the 110,000 refugees into the country, it would hinder many aspects of society. One of those aspects being jobs. Many local businesses would hire former refugees “under the table” and pay them below the minimum wage. That would decrease the amount of jobs hard-working Americans would be able to acquire.

The second issue of an excess of refugees would be the hindered capabilities of sworn police officers doing their job. Since the United States is terrible at paperwork, many former refugees would have little to no documentation on them and that would hinder the police’s abilities to put them in the system or find out what their name is or where they live.

The final issue of letting Syrian refugees into the United States would be putting American lives at risk to a possible terrorist attack. Is granting refugees asylum in our country really worth the risk of American lives? We’re all Americans here. Whether we be white, black, Spanish, Asian, or even Native American. We are Americans. We should stand together and realize that risking each other’s lives is not the solution to a better America. I ask of you, future (Mr.) President, do not allow these refugees asylum in our country.

"This could be one of the great Trojan horses." - Donald Trump
Oxford High School

5th Period

AP English Language and Composition

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