Aiden C. Massachusetts

U.S relations with Russia

In this letter I tell the president to try and confront Russia.

Dear Next President,

U.S relations with Russia is a big problem because they are raiding and attacking other nations,and I think you should do something about that problem. Russia is a huge problem against us, and other countries. So one thing you can do to help is if you can try to reason with them. As president, you could call a meeting between the nations and try to get people from our country and Russia to talk about their differences. If that doesn’t work then we should ask other countries if they could help us confront them because if a nation can not be cooperative  or nice to other countries than they should be confronted because that nation is to unstable. You should act on this because like I said, Russia is a problem and that problem will probably end in war, and other problems.

You probably think, well, how is Russia a problem? I think a good example of how Russia is a problem is explained by “Think Again: Cyberwar” by Thomas Rid. He states that the Soviets hijacked 85,000 computers and that lasted for 3 weeks. He makes a good point that if a nation is hijacking other nations’ computers than that definitely means that that nation is a problem. Hijacking other nations computer systems is an act of terrorism, which lots of people think is a big problem. The reason that this is terrorism is because Russia infiltrated another nation's private information, and since that type of offense is classified as terrorism, it makes Russia a big problem.

Russia didn’t just hijack all those computers but they also raided Ukraine and that raid is causing wars. This event is clearly explained by “Army mission in Europe grows,but for how long?”by John Vandiver. He states that Europe had to increase its military spending to defend other countries from the attacks of Russia, so Russia doesn’t start any more wars. If lots of countries need to be defensive of just one country then that's another reason why Russia is a big problem.

But not everybody agrees with my claim. Somebody that doesn’t agree with my claim is included in the Rid article. Vasily Pchelintsev states that the Cyberwar didn’t include any death in it. Another person also included in the Rid article Thomas Reed disagrees and states that there was no soviet pipeline explosion from a computer hijacking.These people that disagree clearly show that the Russians killed nobody and the hijacking didn’t exist.If the hijacking actually did exist it would have been blamed on the CIA because they issued the hacking.So those people make a good claim that Russia is not a problem but I still believe they are.

If you still aren’t convinced that Russia is a problem, I have one more fact that backs up my claim and refutes the counterargument. In “What has Moscow done? Rebuilding U.S.-Russian relations,” by Stephen Sestanovich, he states that Russian tanks rolled into Georgia in August 2008. There would be no reason to roll in tanks into another place, and if another country is rolling into your country it’s scary because you don’t know if there’ll start firing. The only reason that a opposing country would roll in tanks is if they were trying to start a battle or possible a war. With all the statements I made, there would be no reason for anybody to think Russia is good because they're obviously not. They enter other countries in tanks, they hijack lot’s of computers which is an act of terrorism, and they need to be held back by other countries, because Russia is very offense and may start a war with one of those countries. I believe these statements are all a person needs to change their opinion on Russia.

Russia is a big problem, which is affecting our world now. You should try to create a huge meeting with lots of nations including Russia so we can talk about why Russia is invading and attacking other nations and if that doesn’t work then we should ask other nations if they can help us confront Russia. Again by Thomas Rid he states that Russia hijacked 85,000 computers. Again by John Vandiver he states that Russia raided Ukraine and also needed to be held back by other countries. But why should you do that? I believe that Russia is a big problem so if you don’t do anything then Russia will most likely do something else that is crazy and may end in death. You don’t need to do this, and you don’t have to believe me either, but if you don’t do anything Russia may do something crazy that may affect us. So if you want to make America safe or other nations safe then you should take action on Russia.

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you can do what I ask.


Aiden Cass

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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