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While we sit here, pollution is slowly increasing and people are slowly dying off, it needs to stop or decrease dramatically.

Dear next president,

If you spend one day in Beijing breathing the air, it has the same health effects of smoking 21 cigarettes. In every eight deaths one of them can be linked back to pollution. Do the math, if the the world is getting worse at pollution then that would mean that the death of pollution will skyrocket in the next couple of years and more than only 8 deaths happen a day so how many deaths are from pollution in a year? While we sit here, Pollution is slowly increasing and people are slowly dying off, It needs to stop or decrease dramatically.

Air pollution is by far the worst type of pollution in our environment. Air pollution is caused by all The poisonous smoke emitted by cars, trains ,buses, etc. But there are many other types of pollution like, Water, soil, noise, radioactive, thermal heat, and light pollution. Therefore I will talk mostly about air pollution.

Air pollution is now being linked to lung cancer, asthma, and various breathing problems. According to We cause most of the pollution and we are already seeing the effects that it has made, global warming and contaminated seafood and much more. According to the website how-does-pollution-affect-humans.

Air pollution is not just dangerous for humans but also dangerous for the environment. The most natural phenomenon of migratory birds has been hampered with severe air pollution preventing them from their seasonal destination. According to Environmental_pollution.html. The release of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is creating the Earth to warm up. The toxic chemicals released into the atmosphere settle into the plants and water that we eat today. According to the website how-does-pollution-affect-human.

Some people say that without these vehicles transporting people everywhere will take a lot longer to get from place to place. But there is clean ways of traveling that does not use fossil fuels.

The consequences that this has on the people and the environment is to bad to just ignore. We have to at least reduce it and eventually come up with some other clean ideas. If we don't a lot of people's lives will be lost because of your decision.

Sincerely, SE

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