Aaliyah T. Texas

Energy Consumption

We are running out of fossil fuels and at a very fast rate. Will the next president make the differences that need to be made? Or will they just pass it over to the next president? America needs an alternative energy source.

Aaliyah T.

Dear future President,

As you already know we are running out of fossil fuels. (oil, coal, and natural gas) And we are running out at a very fast rate. It is not like we can just make more, they take hundreds of thousands of years to make. If you really want our country’s lifestyle to continue the way it is, you will doing something about the problem that is arising.

Do you like to drive your car places and use electricity in your house? I don’t know about you but I do. And if we do not do something to change the way we use and produce energy a lot of the stuff that we do in our daily lives we will not be able to do anymore. It might not be in your lifetime but we need to do something to save our future generations. You might think it is too late to make a big change on how we produce energy and how much we use. And in all honesty it might be, but we need to do something about it while we have the resources to.

There are so many alternative energy sources. For example hydroelectric energy, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, and tidal power. Why is our main source energy the one we have limited sources to? It is also very bad for the environment. We only have one Earth and we are slowly destroying the thing that provides us life. If we don’t run out of fossil fuels (which we are) global warming will end life on Earth. This is not something you can just think “ oh the next President will deal with this” or “ it’s not that big a deal” you are wrong. If you want to be a president that this world remembers this is something you need to change. Be the President that changes something that will impact us forever.

In conclusion this can be changed and I have hope that the new President coming into office does what is necessary. I know I am not the only one concerned about this problem. So please do something about it.


Aaliyah T.