Ben K. and Carter M. Washington


Why we need to get rid of and keep Marijuana out of the U.S.

Ben and Carter

Olympia, WA

7 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

Marijuana should not be legalized for any states. Many people are using marijuana and risking their lives and lives around them. People who use marijuana are risking themselves to starting other worse drugs. We live in Olympia Washington, and seeing people, around the capitol especially, smoke marijuana, is very frightening. We need you to help keep the U.S. marijuana free.

If marijuana is legalized then more people will be exposed to a drug with no medical benefits for the addicted user. Each time someone uses marijuana they come more and more addicted and many people will be defenseless to secondhand smoke, and the influence of the user. Legalizing can also lead to more people driving Impaired.

Without marijuana there will be less impaired drivers on the road, making their car ride safer along with others around them. There will not be the problem of people getting addicted to the drug also. There will be no need to license marijuana shops.

Ous Idea is to take away marijuana from the U.S., and to prevent it from coming back. We understand that people need it for medical purposes, and that’s okay. People will always find ways around the rules, but taking it away from recreational purposes will make it harder for people to get it, and limit the amount of users.

Without marijuana People won't have to risk themselves to getting influenced into using marijuana, because no one will have it legally. In 2007 alone, 2.1 million people alone abused marijuana.

Help us by listening to what we have to say, and act for how bad marijuana actually is. If a law comes through to legalize marijuana federally, please think about all the people that will suffer.


Ben and Carter

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