Jacob Z. California

College Tuition

In this letter, I will address the rising prices in tuition.


Dear President Obama, 

                    My name is Jacob Zeis, I am from California and attend San Marcos High School. I am a senior and I am currently on the hunt for a college. In my recent studies, I have found that tuition prices are extremely high and are only getting higher. These days, college is very competitive and is hard for most students to get in. Thus, letting colleges charge higher prices. When colleges have to charge higher prices, more kids will need financial aid. This then forces colleges to spend less money on a better education. Some colleges are also spending too much on fancy new sport courts or remodeling when they don't need to, like Louisiana State University. According to Kellie Woodhouse, LSU is wasting a lot of money on useless lazy rivers and other attractions that do not have many benefits.This doesn't necessarily concern me, but I am scared that this will stop some kids from attending college. To conclude, I think some colleges should change the way they spend their money, to make tuition cost less.      

Best regards, 


San Marcos High School

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