Jessica L. Wisconsin

Reduce the overuse of Social Media

Dear Future President,

The internet and social media have become the number one vehicle of communication in today's society. I have several reasons why this mode of communication should be pulled back.

One reason I feel that people should stop using social media so much is that it spreads rumors and untrue information, at such a fast pace. It so quickly can damage someone's life and reputation with no merit behind it. 49% of people have heard false news via social media. This exposes people to overreact to information that is untrue. With 75% of teens having cell phones this makes misperceptions spread very quickly. Once the information is posted it can never be pulled back. 

Another reason, is social media is such an informal way of written communication that the art of writing has taken a back seat. Formal documents are abbreviated and have less meaning. Handwritten letters are nonexistent. This also carries over to verbal communication where it is difficult to carry on a face to face conversation. It is not just with students that participate but rather 76% of American adults use online social networks.

The final reason that I feel the overuse of social media should be reduced is it is a distraction to students. Many students that are involved or participate in social media tend to have lower grades because they are more focused on what is going on in Snapchat and Instagram than they are on school work. Social media allows students an avenue to waste time focusing on posting data versus studying.  Social media can also lead to unnecessary stress and relationship issues among peers.  

After learning about social media and its affects on people, I feel its use needs to be drastically reduced, if not eliminated.



De Pere Middle School

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