Tyrus S. Wisconsin

Military funding

The military funding should be higher so we can defend and defeat other military and other terrorist groups.

Dear Trump, 

The funding for the military should be higher. Reason one: Because of all of the wars that are going on in the world, and terrorist groups like ISIS. Reason two: Some veterans can't get a job because the employer is afraid of the vet having PTSD and other medical conditions that people are afraid of like agent orange from Vietnam and many other disorders. Reason Three: U.S.A. doesn't want to be surprised by other countries bombing us and/or killing us ( WW1, WW2, Cold War,etc). Reason Four: More people (46.5 million) get individual food stamps than vet (1.5 million) do since 2012. 

Sincerely, Tyrus Schneeberger   

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