Jessiemae P. Wisconsin

Remove lead pipes and decontaminate the water

Water in many cities in The United States, have contaminated water or also known as unsafe water. The most common problem are the lead pipes that we have been using for so many years. The lead has leaked into the water which has now caused sickness in children and problems in everyday life activities.

Dear Next President,

            I want to know, why can’t people get the clean water they deserve? I propose that we change the water pipes that are leading into people’s homes. Not just here in Wisconsin but in Flint, Michigan, Jackson, Mississippi, and any other state that needs clean water. My main concern, is the consumption of tainted water by children. There are children with blood levels elevated, and they have more iron in their body than they need. We are supposed to keep these children safe, that is all of our jobs, no matter who you are. But, what are we doing to save them, going off to war, or arresting people. That’s not making them safe if they’re dying or getting sick from water. We could avoid this by changing the pipes, we can avoid even more children getting sick by getting the government to switch back to the original water source.

In Flint, Michigan, children and their families are getting water allowances, where each person or somethings the whole family only gets one container of bottled water a day. Most of those children are using their water bottles to make sure they are clean, their teeth are brushed or for their food, leaving little water left for them to drink. According to ABC news, most Flint residents are too afraid of drinking or showering in water. They feel too betrayed by their government to believe that their water will ever be safe again. They lost their trust for the government. We are told the government was here to help us, but how is it helping us if they are taking the water away. If they are settling for worse if it means to cost less. We are worth it enough to get clean water. We should important enough for the government to spend money to keep our health good.

This whole water problem today is because pollution in the water. Not only that the old water pipes have lead/iron in them. Which after the water sits in it, it may seep into the water, without anyone knowing it. The biggest problem is that people are getting sick, mainly children 12 and under. This affects their mental health and physical health. According to the Centers for Disease control, young children's’ brains are not very developed yet, and when they get this poisoned water in their bodies, it goes straight to their brain and messes up their development. It may take them a while longer to develop or it may stay at that development stage they were at previously. The parents or adults of these children, are developing depression, anxiety, and are getting more stressed out because they don’t know what to do about the water. According to the New York Times, people are having suicidal thoughts, and or depression; because they don’t know what’s going on with their children. The water is not clean, and we need to fix that.

We need to fix this. If our government is okay with settling for less, they are not trying for us. It won’t hurt them on spending an extra 100 dollars to ensure safety for the people. We need to start with free water filters, if it’s still bad with that, then change the water source back to a good water source. Change the pipes because the lead is in the old pipes. We need to make sure the water is safe for the future of our children. No one wants to see people get sick or die because of something this country can prevent.


Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

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