Drew G. Wisconsin

Illegal Immigration and Deportation

Illegal aliens are committing crimes and taking tax dollars and receiving free handouts. We need to change the policy that helps every American and keeps them safe.

Dear Future President,

A top issue in our country today is illegal immigration. In America, there are countless undocumented, illegal immigrants that are here and living off of our tax dollars. Our current President Obama, has tortured the American economy and put us in the tank with policies on medicaid, entitlements and welfare. Somehow the illegal aliens are getting these federal benefits. I don’t see the fairness in it, and neither do my fellow Americans. When our tax dollars are put into a pot for food stamps and free handouts for people that are here illegally. If you come into the country, make your citizenship legal. There are also too many who are deported numerous times and come back illegally again, numerous times. An example of it is a girl named Kate Steinle, who was murdered by an illegal immigrant that was deported five times and a convicted felon. There was a law proposed by Congress called “Kate’s Law” that imposes a mandatory-minimum five year sentence on any illegal alien that is deported and comes back illegally AGAIN. President Obama’s immigration policy has failed vitally. There are way too many people pouring into this country, illegally. On the southern border, there should be a wall. There is a reason the Southern Border Patrol men and ICE (an immigration union) endorsed the Republican nominee Donald Trump. The border patrol men live through it everyday. They know there needs to be ramifications. America needs to be a great and strong country again, and we would love to have all immigrants come here legally.