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Abortion Should be Illegal

Abortion should be illegal.

I believe that abortion should be illegal. There are a number of reason as to why it should be illegal, but I am only going to name a couple. One reason it should be illegal is that it causes physical pain to the fetus. A fetus cell has the conception of a human when sperm hits egg. It has its own genetic code, and just because it is unborn does not take away the fact that is a developing human. Ending the life of a fetus is not considered ending the life of a "potential," it is ending the life of a human. At week six of the fetus' development, the baby can feel pain. When the baby is being aborted at 6+ weeks it can feel every inch of pain of the abortion. The baby can respond to all pain levels in their nervous system. Ronald Reagan stated, in 1984, that "during the abortion a fetus feels pain which is long and agonizing."  Dr. Beverly McMillan says, "Most likely yes. From six weeks the baby has sensation around its face and mouth. At seven weeks the baby can feel a needle stick and draw back. Even at that time if you put a little probe or instrument in the baby's hand it will curl up its hand around it, so it feels things." 

Another reason why abortion should be illegal is it violates human rights and compounds tragedy. People plead that not allowing abortion is taking away women's rights. What about the father? What about the baby? The child is deprived of life, how is that not violating the rights of the child if its not even aloud to live its life? The father of the child is also stripped of rights. Ultimately it is the woman's decision. What if she decides to have an abortion, but the father wants to keep it? Its not allowing the father to be a father because the women is not allowing the child to live. says, "We do not erase a rape by killing the baby. We do not cure a baby by taking its life. And we do not avoid all health issues by avoiding the reality of another human." Also, under no circumstance should there be an abortion just because two teenagers "messed up." If you are old enough to have sexual intercourse, you are also old enough to deal with the consequences. Like a baby, ST-I's, etc. Circumstances surrounding a birth can be tragic, but ending a life should not be the answer. 

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