Paul P. Alabama


Abortion is wrong and should not be taken lightly.

Dear Next President,

     Abortion just isn’t fair to the child being born and should be considered murder. If someone goes over the speed limit, they get a ticket. If someone steals a candy bar from a store and refuses to pay, they get arrested; but when someone kills a child before it even has a chance to breathe the same air that we breathe, and just isn’t fair to the child. Under certain circumstances is understandable, such as rape or incest, if there is no good reason to kill the child, it should be illegal. If the mother/family cannot care or afford to keep the child, it can be turned in to an adoption center. Abortion is a serious matter and should be taken seriously.

     I personally plan to have children with someone I care about, but what if something doesn’t work out after she gets pregnant and wants to get an abortion. I would proudly take care of a child by myself, if the mother of my child does not want the child. There could be more than one personal reason to abort the child. This problem needs action. People like me want to see their child and take care of it rather than let the holder and carrier take my child’s life and never let me hold the child. Most women don’t decide they want to keep the child until they hold the child anyways. I would hope you take this letter seriously and promote that abortion isn’t right unless there is a reasonable explanation for the death of the child.

     There are just so many children that are not going to live, to see the world. The child that is being killed could very well have your job when they get older. Maybe the child is a great inventor. The child could live to be the smartest person in the world, but we would never know if it is killed and never given a chance in the world. Twenty-one percent of most pregnancies in America end in abortion. “In 2011 there were over 1.06 million abortions to take place in the U.S.” “From 1973-2010 421 women died as a result of legal abortion.” This matter needs to be taken very seriously, and you need to take action as quickly as possible.

     I can completely understand that it is a women’s choice to do with as she choses, however, I believe that the father if has good credibility and responsibility should have a say in the matter as well. I believe that the child is just as much his responsibility than it is hers. She can say what goes because the child is inside of her not the male, and I understand that rape or incest can be a automatic her decision, but unless something like this happens the male should have his own rights not to have the child aborted. I also believe that if it comes down to a argument of abort or not between the two parents that it should not be taken to court that it should automatically be able to be brought into this world and let it live its life. Future leader of the United States of America, these deaths that you let happen are all resting in your hands. This terrible problem that happens too often is needing your attention. Please, do not let this genocide continue to happen.


Paul P.