Americans and Guns

Firearms in America are a very split topic and cause a lot of debate over the issue in this country. In this article, I am going to discuss these views and the problem we the American people we have.

Dear next President,

Congratulations for your win in the 2016 Presidential election. I hope that the next four years for you are both enjoyable and productive. There are many issues in this country that need to be dealt with. From economic issues, police violence, gay rights and poverty, there are thousands that could be discussed that are in need of major help. The one that I would like to focus on is the issue of Gun Control. Americans as a whole are very much a split group of people; some loving guns and looking to loosen restrictions on guns even further, while some push to restrict guns completely and reserve them almost entirely for Law Enforcement.

Guns are a cornerstone of American History and the second amendments states that we as Americans can have guns and have the right to have them for personal hobby, protection and defense. The question in this all though it that America is home to many of the worst school shootings and mass shootings in history. Many people are requesting for more restrictions on guns and firearms in this country.

I believe that the you as president needs to find an equal balance between the two. We need to allow Americans to retain the right to have guns and firearms in they choose, but better protect Americans from people who are mentally unstable to have guns and are causing the violence in this country.

It is a huge job and task for the future president to undertake, but for the safety of the

American people and the protection of rights of the American people. Please take this letter into consideration.


Mason McGowan