Riley H. Missouri

Unemployed Veterans

We have too many of our nation's veterans that cannot find work.

Dear Future President,

Do you know how many of our veterans are unemployed? As of 2010 the national average of unemployed veterans was at twenty-two percent. Why is that? Why is it that our nation's soldiers are struggling to find work after leaving the service? I don’t know why they are having such a hard time finding work. No matter what reason there is, it is not acceptable. If they can’t find work, they can’t support their families. I know that some people don’t see why they can’t get good jobs because they have education opportunities for active duty military and they have it available to them after they get out. However, some of them choose to save the college for their children, and the jobs that they are trained for while they are in aren’t always ones they can have in the civilian world.

I am concerned about this because I don’t want to be part of that percentage once I am out. A few months back I signed my six year enlistment into the United States Air Force. I don’t know what job I will be doing yet, however I do know what my options are. If I were to get the job that I am most interested in, out of the ones I qualify for, I would be trained on how to operate an unmanned aerial satellite. With a job like that, how would anyone get a job outside of the military? I don’t want to be a part of the percentage, and I don’t want to see any of my fellow soldiers struggling like so many before them.

We need to do something, anything to make this a thing of the past. Our heroes deserve better. They risked their lives for us and this is what they get? No, this must stop. You are the new leader, our new Commander in Chief, you need to put an end to this and take care fo your souldier.


Riley H.