Yaasoob California

A simple solution to end terrorism.

A plan to end to end terrorism, in a fashion profitable to both the region and the American side, in addition it would return stability to place that has been unstable for far too long.

I, Yaasoob A., urge you, next President of the United States, to think about a topic that poses not just a national but a worldwide risk to the world: Terrorism.

The methods put forward by various politicians around the world are not working. The methods such as to either send help in the form of weaponry and air strikes or simply ignore and isolate the region are not working, and will not work for the next hundred years. Soon the problem will cross the point of no return, a point when these terrorist groups acquire a certain type of weapon that allows them to threaten worldwide security.

So how do we deal with the issue?

The governments of the region are milking every penny they can out of this conflict before they are overthrown, so helping the government of the region won't work, since they cannot be trusted. In addition, isolating the region and letting the conflict solve itself wont work either as these terrorist would only grow in power: this is the equivalent  of lighting a tree in the middle of the forest and hoping the fire dies out on its own: It won't; it'll burn the entire forest down, in essence the Middle Eastern region, and finally become an uncontrollable fire that will eventually come back at you, stronger than ever.

So what's the solution? The people of the region and the one's that have migrated have a lot of fight in them, as they are full of hate towards these terrorists and the governments that are allowing them. However, Middle Eastern people do not have an opportunity to vent this anger anywhere, as they are too busy starving to death. The first step to stabilizing the region is to go in full force into the areas or regions the government already controls and build safe havens for these people to go, where you provide food, water and shelter. Second, you institute a new government for the region made by the people, however ensuring that the U.S has the final say in the decisions. This way everyone has a place to temporarily call home, they have the basic necessities for life, and their government is providing it, this way, these people would have a great love for their new government and would be willing to fight. No you set up, the quick 70 day training, to get these soldiers set up for fighting. With all this done, you have solved the issue of immigration, saved millions from starvation, reignited a love for their country and finally have a legitimate army capable of taking down terrorism, this plan however can be tweaked to certain situations, all that without risking the life of any American soldiers. The final step is to send this army to uproot the terrorism out of every corner. as these people have lived here, and know every corner of their country, when the terrorists are finally uprooted, now you need to institute massive education centers. This is needed, because people need to get educated, as they have been brainwashed their entire lives to think that these terrorist acts are okay. 

    In conclusion, with the end of this plan, you will have destroyed terrorism, saved a huge amount of people, reignited their passion for their country, and eradicated any chance of terrorism returning. I hope you read this Mr.President and use some form of this plan to get rid of this urgent problem.

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 B / Period 3

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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