Andrew C. Michigan

The Future of Energy

The future of the United States is dependent on the future of its citizens health and the environment. How Americans get our energy will affect these things in a big way. This is evident through the pollution of fossil fuels and the benefits of renewable energy.

Dear Future President,

The environment is a privilege that we as humans get to enjoy. Unfortunately, some people don’t take the time to recognize that. As a result, we pollute and damage our environment. This is evident through the burning of fossil fuels. While we use this to produce energy, it is a very detrimental technique and is unhealthy not only for the environment, but for us as well. Instead, we should start to use environment friendly ways to attain energy such as renewable sources. Scientists have used research in the past decade to determine that the pollution from the burning of fossil fuels will cause the earth’s temperature to rise and result in the climate diverting from its usual routine. This should grab the attention of the citizens of the world because climate change will significantly affect how we live as well as where certain species of animals can live. Ultimately, what's at stake here is our lifestyle being altered. This is due to the weather being unpredictable since the climate has changed from its usual behavior. Renewable energy should take the place of fossil fuels because it is environment friendly, more effective, and good for the economy.

To begin with, renewable energy offers an efficient energy source for the citizens of the United States to rely on. Some people think if you count on energy from a wind turbine, you wouldn’t get any power on a windy day. Also, if you count on solar energy, you wouldn’t get any energy on a day that is not sunny. While it is true that a location might not be generating any energy one day, it does not necessarily follow that another location with permittable weather is not generating energy for you.This is because the abundance of energy created in weather permitting locations allows for that energy to be distributed over a wider range of areas. In the article, “ Alternative Energy Sources Can Power the World by 2050,” the author, Sylvia Engdahl, states, “Even if conditions are poor for wind or solar energy generation in one area on a given day, a few hundred miles away the winds could be blowing steadily and the sun shining." Even if the wind is calm and the sun is behind the clouds, you can still acquire energy from another renewable source that does have the weather permitting. Due to this, installing renewable energy sources around the states will allow for residents to get environment friendly energy to their houses despite bad weather because of other locations where the weather is satisfactory for producing renewable energy.

Another reason why we should stop the burning of fossil fuels and use renewable energy sources as our main production of energy is because it is healthier for the environment and ourselves. It is important that we look to keep our environment safe from the harms of pollution and global warming emissions because they can have a significant impact on our world's climate in certain areas and the pollution can also cause cancer if humans inhale it. In the article, “Renewable Energy Sources Benefit Health, Climate, and the Economy,” the author, Tamara Thomson explains how the change from using fossil fuels to renewable energy will drastically change the pollution that affects nature and humans. She shares, “Generating electricity from renewable energy rather than fossil fuels offers significant public health benefits. The air and water pollution emitted by coal and natural gas plants is linked to breathing problems, neurological damage, heart attacks, and cancer. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy has been found to reduce premature mortality and lost workdays, and it reduces overall healthcare costs.” Not only does pollution affect the water where fish swim and the air which our plants and animals use, but it pollutes our towns and cities where we spend a lot of time in breathing the air. If we keep consuming fossil fuels in power plants as our main source of power, we will risk the increase of cancers and other diseases that can be linked to breathing in toxic chemicals. In addition to this, our environment will continue to see a change in our waterways and nature that our power plants use which will affect the natural way of life of the organisms that live in them. In order to prevent this, we should use renewable energy sources as the main production for energy since it safer for the workers and residents around it and for the employees working in it.

Equally important, renewable energy sources should take the place of the burning of fossil fuels because it establishes job opportunities. In recent years, people in the United States of America have been talking about the need for more job opportunities. When looking at the production of energy through the burning of fossil fuels, the opposition believes that the power plants offer an affluence of jobs in result from the need for people to maintain the machines used in power plants. This is a sufficient way to set up more jobs because of the need for a significant amount of people to repair and monitor the technology used in the plant to burn fossil fuels. Conversely, renewable energy has the need for people to operate, maintain, produce, and install all the equipment needed. This allows for a large amount of people in all of these categories to be employed. In Tamara Thomson’s same article, she expresses the increase in job opportunities as a big advantage to renewable energy. She explains, “Compared with fossil fuel technologies, which are typically mechanized and capital intensive, the renewable energy industry is more labor-intensive. In 2011, the wind energy industry directly employed 75,000 full-time-equivalent employees in a variety of capacities, including manufacturing, project development, construction and turbine installation, operations and maintenance, transportation and logistics, and financial, legal, and consulting services.” The importance of jobs is crucial to making successful Americans. Renewable energy sources create more jobs due to the complex ways of handling the equipment, making the equipment, and keeping the equipment in good condition. All of these things help more people earn jobs unlike the mechanized process of burning fossil fuels which has technology do the job instead of employees.The installation of renewable energy sources around our country will help create thousands of jobs where Americans can use the opportunity to become successful.

Renewable energy offers the opportunity for America to be healthier, effective, and more successful. As president, it is your responsibility to give Americans opportunity. With unhealthy Americans, who will continue to do the important jobs that keep this country going? With the environment polluted, Americans will lose the opportunity to see the amazing wonders of the world. As the leader of America, you have the power to unify the nation and to set an example for the rest of the world on a cause to protect the environment, improve the health of the citizens around the world, and to improve the economy of our nation and the world. These are the responsibility that the president of the United States has for their country and the world.




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