Drew F. Michigan

Ocean Pollution

Need to stop the ocean pollution because it is killing the ocean reefs.

Dear Future President,

Here are some issues that I want to discuss and actually try to change. These topics are dear to me and affect me in many ways. I am interested in the ocean life and I want the best for the animals in the ocean. Ocean pollution is a topic that I needs to get discussed and talked about.

Eighty percent of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land. Which means we are the problem in this situation. This means if we are the problem then we should be able to fix the problem that is occurring. I know that we humans are the cause to all the ocean pollution and we need to fix our problem because we’re not the only living things on this planet.

People dump harmful chemicals, trash, and other waste into the ocean. Because of that, many ecosystems and certain animal have died or gone extinct. Such as, different species of aquatic animals and certain species of coral and seaweed. If we do not address this now it may become an even bigger problem in the future so we need to do something about it now.

Ocean pollution doesn't just affect ocean and marine life, it also affects land animals. If trash and harsh chemicals wash up on land it can affect many different animal. It can even affect plants that are land because the sand or dirt can contain harsh chemicals. This can affect trees and other plants. Another scenario that could happen would be birds. Birds do not know the difference between good and bad. They could carry trash and other waste further onto land and that could even affect humans. It just goes around in a big circle.

Other people might not have the same opinion, but I am staying beside what I say. This is that ocean pollution is wrong. Other people might think that it is a good idea for it to continue. If we put it to a halt, we will not have somewhere to dump waste and the land will get dirtier. In my opinion we need to create something to dispose of the garbage properly I think that the ocean shouldn't suffer because we dump trash into their home. It's even worse because the animals and ocean life cannot do anything to help their situation.

In conclusion, we should stop dumping things into the ocean. Just help the ocean life and not make it worse. Like I said, they can't do anything to help it so we should. Plus we are the ones making it happen and it might become a harsher situation. We should be responsible for cleaning it out and stop dumping just to make it all come to a stop.



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