Sophia Washington


Abortion is a very controversial topic that will not be going away anytime soon. It is time that everyone living in a pro-abortion country starts to live like one and come together to accept it. We live in America, where we are aiming for equal right, and it should be the woman's right to decide whether or not she has an abortion.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

My name is Sophia and I live in Seattle. Abortion is a very heavy and controversial top that almost everyone has an opinion on whether or not it is constitutional to have an abortion and/or let others have abortions. There are, mostly, only two main opinions on whether or not abortions should stay legalized in America and be more widely accepted in places in America where there are “trigger laws”, those difference of opinions is why we  are struggling to see eye to eye on such a huge topic that affects millions of people. I don’t know whether this issue will come to an entirely agreed upon resolution in the next president’s term or even in my life time. I feel very strongly about this issue because my life has been affected by the abortion policy and I am grateful that it is legal to have abortion in the United States. I believe that to have safe abortions is to keep abortions legal in the United States.  

The problem with having laws prohibiting abortion is that it is not just that the government has the power to tell any woman what she can and cannot do with her body and her life. If the American government can tell you how to have children, where will their role end in our lives? There are 1.1 million abortions that take place in the United States per year (O'Brien) this shows that the abortion options are being put to use everyday by woman. I believe that we should keep abortion legal in United States so that there is a safe way to terminate pregnancies. I also hope that abortion can be more accepted throughout the United States because there are many people that believe abortion is unjust which can be hard for women who went through the, possibly heart wrenching, decision to have an abortion. Abortion is beneficial to many woman who are in different positions, I believe it is up to the woman to decide what happens to her and her life.

People may say that having an abortion is the same as murdering a child. Some say that when you terminate a pregnancy, you are taking away a life. There are many people that feel this way because of biblical reasons. In the Bible,  a child is considered a gift from God and it would be a sin not to be thankful for the gift. When you are childless, it can be seen as a curse and that it shunned upon in many countries with religious backgrounds (Anderson). People who think that pro-abortion is wrong, often have the belief that life starts at conception. In reality, there are women that have religious backgrounds and have chosen to have abortions because God was the one that gave them the signs to have an abortion. Would God want a mother to birth a child into a dangerous situation or an unsafe environment? I think not. I hope that you will see how I see this and the other pro-abortion people see this controversial issue.

There are an average of 288,820 rape and sexual assault victims in the United States every year. 32,101 of those rapes lead to an unwanted pregnancy. That is 5% pregnancies that come from those rapes. 5% may not seem like a high number to you but to those 32,101 people, it is earth shattering. 50% of the pregnancies used abortion. 32.2% kept the baby. 6% put the baby up for adoption (Rainn). I believe that letting women have abortions will help rebuild their confidence after they have been stripped of their self-worth after being sexually assaulted. I also believe that putting more children up for adoption is not a reasonable alternative to getting an abortion because the foster care system is already messed up and adding more children to be in that tough situation is not the answer.

Ever heard of using a metal coat hanger to terminate a pregnancy? These methods will remain the techniques that women will use for an abortion. These methods are unsafe and dangerous to these women and could result in actual pain for the fetus and the women. Outlawing abortion will not stop anyone who is motivated to have an abortion. Drugs are illegal, they are still in our world and affecting many people and they have been illegal for a long time. Having unsafe abortions will put the women in harm’s way and there is no reason to have the risk of putting the women in danger. There are also homeopathic ways to terminate pregnancies but those are not the most surefire way of not having the kid. These methods include eating spices like cinnamon to stimulate menstrual hormones or if you take high doses of aspirin then this increases the chances of having an abortion 7 times (Barari). Making abortion illegal will not stop people from having abortions, it will cause them to have unsafe abortions.

Doctors and the woman should be the ones that are deciding whether or not the woman should be giving birth. Even BBC states that “Women have a moral right to decide what to do with their bodies”. I agree with that statement because the government should not be the one deciding whether or not you have a baby. It should be the one carrying the fetus. Many women who use abortion could be in hard situations, my cousin is drug addict and she got pregnant. Instead of having an abortion, because of our family’s Christian religion, she would not be socially allowed to have an abortion. Her baby came out and he was diagnosed with autism because of his mom’s involvement in drugs. I love my little cousin, but I know that it is hard for him because his mother made bad choices which affected his life in a tragic way and he is affected by her choices each and every day. Letting abortion be widely accepted would prevent children from being born with learning disabilities and other syndromes that would negatively affect their life.

In conclusion, I hope that you read and understood my letter and are thinking it over with an open mind if you are pro-life or if you are happy with reading this article because you are pro-abortion. I believe that abortion should stay legal in United States and that any places with “trigger laws”, to be more accepting to abortion and to the people that are getting abortions. Abortion is an issue where either you feel one way or the other about it, I just hope that the next president is able to make a decision that benefits the people and be the best decision in the long run, which I believe is staying pro-abortion in America.


Sophia P.

West Seattle High School

3rd Period LA9H

Hopkins Honors Intro to Literature & Composition

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