Wilbert A. Washington


The issue of education is important because there are many teenagers that deserve to have an education

Wilbert Anaya

Foster High School

4242 S 144th St

Tukwila, WA 98168

November 7, 2016

Dear Future President,

The issue of education is important because there are many teenagers that deserve to have an education.

According to Lowering College Tuition everyone wants their kids to receive a good education and everyone wants to get a good job and give the opportunity to those immigrants or people from other country to have the the opportunity to have an education so they can do better in their life.

This issue is important to my life because i think everyone deserve to have the same education no matter where you are or where you come from you should have the same education as everyone else in any country.

In El Salvador the school do not had computers but i just knew that they have computers now but they do not have smart technology they have boards where you have to write on. And now there are teachers that teach you English too but schools do not have the cement floor there is only dirt around schools. But there is something awesome in the school there are many fruit trees around schools and you can eat them if you want and like the fruits.

Schools in the United States are pretty good for many immigrants that comes from of countries that have suffered from poverty they seems this schools like a luxurious schools plus schools in the U.S have many kinds of technology and the schools are pretty big and there is not dirt around the schools the land is paved and really clean.

Because we need an opportunity for our future we need to changes things for ELL students sometimes there are teachers that do not explain what you have to do in class and sometimes is harder for an ELL students to understand but even though there are many teachers who help and clearly explain to students all that they have to do in class.


Wilbert Anaya