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Better Our Future, add FUN to School

Students are dropping out of school due to lack of education. This is a call to action for the president to make sure that all schools add FUN to the curriculum of learning.

October 25, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing you today because education needs to change because students are dropping

out of school. Children aren't getting the education they need to get the right types of jobs. I am a student at Oak Hills High School and education is not fun. Education isn’t fun we want it to be fun so children don't drop out. If students drop out we will not have a good economy.

Students are dropping out of school due to lack of education.This is bad for our economy because no one will be able to run our country. “1.3 million dropouts occur each and every year”. This is too many kids dropping out of high school because they don’t find it fun and what the are learning is not helpful to their future.

Children are not getting the right kind of education to get the jobs they need. This is bad because the children will not be able to make money to support themselves. “85% of current jobs and 90% of new jobs require some or more college or post- secondary education”. This means that we will have children that don't have education on the streets when the grow up unable to support themselves.Do you really want are children to grow up like this?

Some may argue that education is fine in the world because student are still graduating from college.However students that do graduate still come out with lots of debt and can't afford to buy cars or house and they have to live with their parents.Some way we can fix this is the president of the U.S can give some loans to countries that can't afford books and education for the children in the countries.

Having a good education helps people to become self sufficient and able to be a productive member or society. School has to change. The curriculum should be fun and engaging so that children learn more and they want to learn more.This will help our society by children not growing up and living with their parents or on the street.

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Oak Hills High School

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