Dennis G. Washington

Concussions in Pro Sports

My letter is about concussions in professional sports. I talk about how I can solve the problem of head injuries

Canon and Dennis

Olympia, WA

November 4, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

Most sports played today are being risked playing and getting serious head injuries such as concussions. Concussions are a common form of traumatic brain injury resulting from trauma to the head. The most cause of Concussions are while playing the sport football. Forty seven percent of all concussions are caused while playing football or other dangerous sports. Concussions can cause long term brain damage. Any athlete suffering a concussion should be checked for sleepiness, head pain, dizziness, confusion, incoherence, or nausea, which may show symptoms such as hemorrhaging or brain swelling.

The problem with head injuries in pro sports is mostly a problem in the United States. What is happening is athletes are getting major long term and short term head injuries such as concussions and CTE. The reason these athletes are getting traumatic brain injuries is because sports organizations don’t have safer alternatives for athletes who don’t want to risk the more traumatic injuries, this is mostly happening in the NFL. Which is a huge problem because they are putting their athletes in deathly situations.

A better world where this wouldn’t be an issue is if these organizations gave their athletes better alternatives in safety equipment. Or a contract the athletes would need to sign to tell them that by playing this sport you are vulnerable to traumatic injuries mostly such as head injuries. Many professional athletes are voicing their opinion on this issue and know it’s an issue so they are wearing more protective equipment or better equipment. This would also be a great to require all athletes in the NFL to wear these better helmets, and athletes in the MLS to wear helmets, and NHL athletes to wear more pads, etc.

I believe our solution of adding helmet padding and protection and in the helmet in general, our solution could change the high rate of concussions in the United States of America. The growing percentage of forty seven percent could drop if they take our solution into effect. Not only could they take this into consideration in the sport of football but other sports such as ice hockey, lacrosse, softball, and baseball.

Our reward, we think will just be lowering the percentage rate of concussions or serious head damage in the United States or possibly world wide. Even just having the NFL Coaches require having more protective helmets would be an amazing reward because that is closer to causing the dangerous injury problem in the United States of America.

I could help by protesting this at professional games and other sporting events by voicing this solution. I could also wear these excessive equipment in my sporting events. The first thing the president should do is require all football organizations to require their athletes to wear better equipment to limit the rate of concussions/head injuries. Then progressively get the other sport organizations safer and more reliable for their athletes injuries.


Canon and Dennis

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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 1

8th Graders

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