Mario Oregon

War in Syria

The U.S. should not get involved in the war in Syria

Dear future President,

I am a citizen of the United States with a big concern about the civil war in Syria. Innocent people are being killed and lives are being demolished. If the war in Syria does not end, then we are looking at a country that will fall apart. Syria will have to have a foreign country take it over until the Syrian people agree on how to fix the issues. I think you should try and convince other countries to back out of this war.

The war in Syria is getting worse over time and will only get worse as time moves forward. In an article in the New York Times, it says most wars end when one side beats the other or either one gives up. Most of the time, both sides come to a peace agreement because both sides are tired of fighting. Max Fisher, a publisher from New York Times said that “one thing making this war last is foreign countries getting involved in the war which is making this war last longer.” We need to convince other foreign countries to withdraw from the war immediately, so the war can end quickly.

Some people might think adding more firepower to the war might end it, but it won’t. We should not be increasing firepower because it could make the current situation worse. I think the more countries that fight this war, the worse it will get. Airstrikes, blockades and constant fighting in some areas are causing more problems and deaths.

There are innocent people constantly dying in the war in Syria. Estimates by the UN show at least 400,000 have died in the war. A digital reporter Priyanka Boghani shared that the breadwinners of the families are being killed in the war, leaving their families without support. Those who have to support their families are being killed, and their families can’t do anything but flee Syria and head to a foreign country. Imagine if you were a refugee that had to flee and had nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help. This war needs to stop in order to prevent any more civilians from being killed.

This war has done nothing but harm to the people of Syria and forced people to flee and head somewhere safe. This war has done more harm than solving the issue. If the war in Syria continues, it will be bad for everyone who got involved. So I believe that all foreign countries should not get involved and the war will die off on its own. You can help stop the war by convincing other countries to leave Syria as soon as possible.