Ruthanne Oregon


We need to change this

Future president,

America a legendary country of second chances. That is taught to every kid from the age of five. People come here to escape what their own country has in store for them, and we take them with open arms. But lately, those open arms have been starting to close. I hope that during your years as our leader, you continue to offer refuge for people of all ages and races.

There are many arguments about letting refugees from Syria and Mexico across our borders. Some say that the people coming will encourage crime and steal our jobs. My hope is that you donโ€™t side with the babble of misinformed people and that you let those scared people in and provide them food and shelter. Some people are also scared that refugees from Syria may be terrorists. Please, at least provide the children with homes, If you so dearly wish, background check the adults all you want but provide the children and youths safe places so they can live their lives.

And on to our immigration detention system. Everyone knows the system is flawed. Immigrants are being held in simply un-inhabitable facilties with little medical care and no access to professional help(, Imagration by Esther Yu Hsi Lee). Jail is not what we need to give the refuges, we need to get them help.

Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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