Matthew L.

Letter To Next President -Matthew L.

Letter To Next President -Matthew L.

Dear Future President,

There are many important roles that you, the leader of our country have to fulfill. As a citizen of this country I believe honesty is the most important trait our president should have. Dishonesty jeopardizes the trust of the American people. When people have trust issues it leads to the questioning of their security and safety. As commander in chief our military and armed forces need a leader that is honest and trustworthy in order to serve and defend our nation without questioning their leader’s integrity. The United States of America has always been a leader and respected around the world because of its strong ethics in doing what is right. In order for this to continue, the president cannot lose the respect of other countries. Good world relations rely on honesty. As the president of The United States of America you are an ambassador of the american people and as the leader of the free world you should embody the trait of honesty. The presidential election is an important part of American society. Our democracy insures that the process of electing the American president is fair.

The American people can make a decision and vote on who they think would best run our country. In some other countries you do not have a choice on who to elect. Here in The United States of America we are lucky to be able to voice our own opinions. As president it is your responsibility to make good decisions for the sake of America. 

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