Daniel B. Oregon

Gun Policy

What the solution for school shootings is

Dear next president,

I am a student at West Albany High School and I have a important topic to talk to you about. This specific topic is gun control. It has 2 sides of the issue as many other issues, pro gun control and anti gun control. This ties into the main topic and that is school shootings. They happen more and more each day and there needs to be a solution to this problem.

The first side is pro gun control. In the article “Different Views on Gun Control” on the site differentviewsonguncontrol.voices.wooster.edu, the pro gun control side talks about wanting stricter gun laws made and enforced. They also believe that people with criminal records and psychological issues shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Now that I have told you what the pro gun control side has to say, let me tell you what the anti gun control side has to say.

The other side to this issue as mentioned above is the anti gun control side. I personally can relate more to this side and agree with this side more than the other. In the article “Different Views on Gun Control,”  what they have to say about the anti gun control side is interesting. They say that gun control laws would break the 2nd amendment and that they would be unconstitutional. They also say that gun control laws would increase crime rates, which has actually been proven because European countries have lower gun violence and crime rate and they don’t have gun control laws. Maybe we can learn something from those European countries.

Now is time for the solution and it has to be a solution that satisfies both sides because the goal is to satisfy both sides of the issue. One solution that the pro gun control side would like is to take all guns away, but that leaves anti gun control people very unhappy and upset. Another solution is to keep things the same way they are, but that wouldn’t be progress and as you can guess people still unhappy. My solution that would satisfy both needs is that I agree that it’s important to keep guns for hunting for food and to use for self defense.  I also see that if the wrong people have guns, they can harm themselves and others around them which would be bad. Therefore, I propose that everyone needs to take a gun safety class no matter the age and that those with criminal backgrounds and psychological issues shouldn’t be allowed guns at all. This will keep the public and themselves safe.

In conclusion, school shootings are a reality in today’s society in many bad ways. If we don’t do anything we are harming ourselves and the safety of the public. Not doing anything at all will make us vulnerable to gun violence as well. So next president I am demanding for your support to pass my solution as a law and if nothing else it will at least be worth a shot.

Sincerely, Daniel