Brenden B. Oregon

Gun Control

Gun control should be stricter.

Dear Next President:

The people of the United States need to use guns more responsibly because there are kids getting a hold of guns and hurting people. Most Americans don't know how to use guns, and on average there are 50 people killed a year by shootings. This issue is getting worse and worse over the years and needs to be fixed. Citizens shouldn't be dying in the streets of America. Americans who aren’t qualified to use guns shouldn't have them.

In the past year there have been 133 mass shootings, innocent people dying because a citizen who doesn’t deserve to have a gun has one. The citizens of the U.S. needs to take a gun safety test and pass with a 85% or better to be able to have a gun in their homes or on their person. This is our job as people to help the government realize that innocent people are dying for no reason and this gun problem needs to be fixed.

In my opinion, everyone who wants to buy or purchase a gun must have a background check, before the gun gets in their possession. Gun safety should be a class that everybody should have to take before they have a gun of their own. The government must apply these so called “laws” to help the U.S. fix the problem with shootings to have fewer shootings and fewer deaths.

The issue that has been an issue for a while now is that people who don't deserve to have guns have them. Kids nowadays have guns while they are underage, and we all know parents think it’s for their own protection, but it's not. Teenagers think they are cool showing their friends the gun they have and then they mess around with them, and then they get shot. That's how people die from the mishandling of guns. Together we can fix this problem and make the U.S. a safer place for everyone.

Sincerely, Brenden B