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Guns Are Not Dangerous...They're Dangerous When They Are in Our Hands

As citizens living in America, one of the most concerning and deadly problems we face is gun violence. This issue has been brought up through and through the elections and is one of the most disturbing topics in every type of conversation. As a student, citizen, and a human being who cares for the future of America and the precious lives of people that live in it, I feel that extra precautions must be taken to ensure our safety and the use of guns.

Guns Aren't Dangerous...They're Dangerous When They Are in Our Hands.                                         by Yousef B., Santa Clara, CA.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I may not be the first person anyone in a higher position would look down to for advice, but that does not mean I will not say what I feel when it comes to my safety and the safety of people around me. I care for this country and the people who live in it, whether I know them or not. So should everyone else and especially you. 

Every once in a while I turn on the TV I am occasionally met with news of an unfortunate person who has passed away because of someone carelessness and inability to think straight. Every time I hear that, it reminds me of the one day my very own friend, neighbor, and companion died to a person who was not watching where they were driving and too busy with other thoughts in their mind. In that process she ran over the little nine year old and put him in a fatal condition. Four days later he died.

I am not here to talk about speeding or drivers carelessness, but am here to speak of the correlation between peoples carelessness and guns as well as the impact on society of these foolish acts. However, there is always a solution to every problem.

According to the CDC, at least 11,184 people die to homicide and 31 people die everyday to murder. The numbers should not be this high...everyday thirty one people die to guns in OUR country. This should not be happening in a country that provides security and protection more than any other place on Earth. 

I know that areas with people that own guns tend to be safer, however there is always a person who occasionally isn't in his or her right mind and go shoot down someone. People are not in their right mind all the time. They can be drunk, high, or just out there to cause trouble. They may not look like that when purchasing a gun but that doesn't mean they won't change down the line.

I'm not saying we take away guns. I'm saying that we take more safety precautions on people owning guns. People should be checked on that own a gun. More specifically, it should be like a check up twice a year where that person is tested to see if they are in the right mind and conditions of owning a gun. I'm not an expert on this subject, but that is my idea.

Every time a person dies, families are broken, people are in sorrow, and everyone who knew that person are heartbroken. I don't want to wake up one day with someone else I know that has died to somebody else's gun. I'm not going to blame it on the killer...I'm going to ask you, Mr. Trump, what did you do to help stop this? Do you want the blood of our people on your hands? Or do you want to make the United States the safest place in the world? Like how it was supposed to be...

Guns aren't dangerous...they're dangerous when they are in our hands.


Santa Clara High School

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