Andrea Wisconsin

Why Arts Education matters!

Reasons why arts education is very important.

Dear future president,

a lot of schools are cutting off the arts program, but at what cost? Students should have the arts in their lives to express themselves.

The arts is important to a lot of students, like myself, as it's a way for them to express themselves. It's a way for students to try to find themselves. It allows their creativity to show and will help them while in school. It's something students enjoy and is more than just a hobby.

Now, the arts may still seem as something that doesn't seem too important, but in actuality, it's rather essential and it creates an experience unlike any other! It should be more seriously engaged! The integration of arts creates varied and rich construction. This will increase the probability students will be able to acquire and process information in ways that suit how they learn.

Finally, the arts do help students in their education! Data in schools have shown just how much of an impact the arts have. Schools have improved test scores by the incorporation of arts. It's an effective tool school wide and is helping to fix some of the big educational challenges we face today. The arts is not as separate as it seems from regular education, in fact they are 2 integrated elements.

All in all, the arts education is something students need and deserve to have. So many people have a passion for it and it should be taken more seriously.