Xander G. Georgia

Fine Arts

In the past few years, involvement has gone down with fine arts in our education system. I address the benefits to fine arts and why we, as a country, should invest in them for our students.

Dear Future President,

In the past few years of presidency, schools have become more and more focused on academics. Academics themselves have become heavier and students have become more stressed. However, the one thing that hasn't been increasing in schools is the amount of involvement in the fine arts (music, drama, art, etc. ). In the past years the government has put 107.6 Billion dollars into education and only about 148 million go into fine arts. This needs to change.

Since academics are on a rise then why not get something to boost scores in them? Well fine arts have been proved to improve performance in reading, math, and thinking skills in general. This is because learning to read music is like learning a whole new language with a foundation in numbers and math. So of course with a higher understanding of music, grades in Language Arts and Math would increase.

Now some people might say that after you get out of school it wouldn't help to have any musical experience but not only do grades improve with a fine art, work ethic improves as well. With having to put time aside for practicing an instrument or a routine, a student has a better chance of doing the work and putting a higher amount of effort.

Doing fine arts doesn't just help with academics but with social interactions as well. Studies have shown that children that participate in fine arts are more likely to be engaged in their school. On top of that, learning and mastering a skill often give confidence and self-esteem needed by students.

In conclusion, fine arts should be funded more so that students can be better in academic and social areas, and so they can not only succeed but soar among the clouds.


Xander G

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