Braden F. Ohio

Gun Control in the U.S.

Gun control has been a major problem in the U.S. Why haven't we been able to control this problem? Should we have more in depth background checks? Do we need to teach others not to abuse their power? Should we get guns completely out of the hands of children? This change starts with you.

Dear Next President:

In the United States today, there are many problems that affects everyone around the nation. One of the series of problems I believe that you should bring to your attention is gun control in the U.S, for it has posed as a major problem that affects many people and will continue to be so until something is done about it. Many of the news events today have something to do with guns. Whether it be a shooting, a scare, or a misfire, gun control should be taken much more seriously then it is now.

One of the points I would like to make is that there should be more in depth background checks on people that are purchasing guns. There has been many scares involving guns along with many shootings of schools and public events. The people that are doing these kinds of things should not be in the possession of a gun. These scenarios have been becoming more common recently. With more in depth background checks it would help reduce these scares and shootings.

Another point that I would like to make is that kids should not be allowed to handle automatic weapons. There have been a few accidents involving children and the use of automatic weapons. Like the incident in Tucson, Arizona when a 9 year old girl attempted to shoot an automatic weapon after the instructor taught her how to use it. When she fired the weapon she couldn’t control it and accidently shot and killed the instructor. Guns should not be in the hands of kids, especially not fully automatic weapons. If kids were not allowed to fire automatic weapons these kinds of accidents would not happen anymore.

The third and final point that I would like to make is that people that handle guns, like police, should be taught not to abuse their power. There have been multiple incidents where police have shot people when they have no need to. There has also been other accidents of police abusing their power. People need to feel like the police are protecting them not putting them in danger and causing more of a scene. If we taught police not to abuse their power, then these kinds of things would not happen. I hope you consider what I have said about gun control in the U.S and take action to help and influence others to do the same.



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