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Gun Control or No?

Gun control is the protection of the use of guns and it needs to be changed.

Dear Future President,

Hello, my name is Jake Viall and I’m writing to you because there is a problem with gun control in our country. Gun control is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. The second amendment states that “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."Some people think gun control should be allowed and should be more important in the U.S. and some people think there shouldn’t be gun control. My relationship with this problem is that I love to hunt and I don’t want guns to be illegal and we can’t hunt anymore.

I think gun control should be allowed and the government should only ban some type of guns. Beverly Ballaro, a freelance writer who has taught language, literature, and writing, states that each year in the U.S., around 30,000 people die from gunfire. And some people don’t agree with gun control? Some people like Beverly Ballaro and Laura Finley think it is a problem and they should make the AK-47 gun illegal because you don’t need that type of gun to kill a deer and hunt. Laura Finley, an associate professor of sociology and criminology, states that the 30,000 gun-related deaths that occur each year in the United States provide evidence both of a serious and growing threat to public safety, as well as of the need for practical gun control measures to address that threat. Ladd Everitt, director of gun violence group, thinks gun control is a problem and thinks the U.S. needs tougher gun control laws because guns cause a lot of deaths. Each year in the U.S., around 30,000 people die from gunfire. Around half of these are murders, a little less than half are suicide, and the rest are lethal accidents. Of the annual 30,000 death toll, several hundred of the victims are children. Families see the awful consequences that the lives are lost and the families are shattered. Me, personally think gun control shouldn’t be allowed because you should be able to have the right to own a gun to protect your selves. People should be able to hunt because hunting helps the environment and animal population in the U.S., states, and even cities.

Gun Control needs to be allowed, so we can reduce the number of deaths occurring. Many deaths are occurring in the U.S. The United States loses more than 32,000 Americans to gun violence every year in this country. That’s an average of 87 deaths a day. These deaths range from gun accidents and and suicide to horrific mass shootings. The President can make tougher gun control laws in the U.S. I think they need to make some guns illegal and some legal. They should ban guns like the AK-47 because nobody needs that type a gun to hunt or just to have in their house. Guns are meant to be dangerous, not safe.

If there were gun control, many people would be complaining about the animal overpopulation in the cities and states and they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves without guns. If they made tougher gun control laws, they would probably ban hunting and make hunting illegal. If that happened, there would be a lot of animals crowded all over the cities because hunters make that not happen and that is what hunting is for. Hunting is for the hunters that hunt because they enjoy it and do it as a hobby. They also do it for the Hunting and Fishing Department that pays them to hunt. Hunters help the environment and economy a lot. They provide food for themselves and they also donate food to places. People also don’t want gun control laws because they should have the right to protect themselves. They have the right to bear arms. If there were gun control laws where people couldn’t own guns, then how would someone protect themselves from people breaking into their houses. With those reasons, that is why I think gun control should not be allowed.

Gun Control is a problem because they’re two sides of the argument. Some people think the U.S. needs to make tougher gun control laws because of the number of deaths occurring in the U.S. Some people think the U.S. should not even make gun control a thing because of the environment and animal issues in states and cities. They also think that if there were gun control laws, how would someone protect themselves from stealers and people breaking into houses. Everyone should care about this argument because things might change whether who is elected for President in this coming up election. Gun Control is very important because some people think it as a good thing and some people think it as a bad thing.

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