Jonathan H. Minnesota

Gun Violence

My family has many firearms that were easy to purchase. If it was so easy for us to purchase them what is stopping someone else from purchasing one and intending to hurt someone with it. So in response to that I think you should need your gun safety license to do so in purchasing a gun.

Dear Next President,

I first like to say congratulations on winning the election for President of The United States of America. As the next president I would like to talk to you about gun violence and how the process of purchasing a firearm is easy and simple.

In the past few years my family has purchased many firearms. Including a Tika hunting rifle, a few assault rifles of .223 or .556 and .22 caliber. My family also has a 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun. Also my family has purchased many handguns that are 9mm, .22 and a .40, and there are a few air powered pellet guns. I am thinking it was so easy to purchase all of these firearms it would be so easy for someone to go through the process and intend to do harm to people with that firearm that they so easily bought.

To make the process for getting a rifle or even the ammo for a firearm harder I believe that it will decrease the chance of people committing the crime, to the point where it will not be worth the trouble of obtaining the firearm. I believe that the age for purchasing the gun should be increased to 22 years of age for rifles and assault rifles and for handguns the age should be 25 years of age.

Also to get a gun you need to go through a class for a gun safety licence. Getting approved by the your state government and when you go to a range you need to have a licence to shoot at the range you need to have the gun safety licence and if you don't have one you can take a class at the range.

To obtain a gun safety licence you need to sign up for a class on the DNR website and go to a set of 2 or 3 classes that will teach you how to purchase a firearm transport and keep the gun safely. Then the 2nd class will teach you the parts and how to load and operate the firearm and clean the gun. The third class will be a field day where you actually get hands on experience in a controlled environment on a certified range and by a certified instructor.

The age restrictions for the gun safety licence I think should be, to take the class is 16 years of age and you must renew the licence. By taking a 50 question test to prove that you know all of the safety issues, and all of the necessary precautions to take when using firearms. Similar to your drivers licence.

Sincerely 10th Grade

Jon Heuer, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Henry Sibley High School


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