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Letter to the President about bullying

Saul Hansel

West Milford Twp. High School

67 Highlander Drive

West Milford, NJ 07480

[email protected]


Future President at the White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President,

Hello future President my name is Saul Hansel I go to West Milford High School and I am a Freshman. My topic is about bullying. I hate it because I have been bullied basically all my life and it is the worst thing that can ever happen to you in school. The way I got through it was by trying to make the bully my friend this helps because you will be friends with them and then make friends with his friends. I will be saying some facts, then talk about the causes, the effect, and then my perspective of bullying.

Bullying, this is one of the worst things in america and all over the world. I hate bullying because I am bullied. My school in West Milford NJ is a very good school with very good teachers. But there's just one problem bullying. There are many things to say about bullies but I picked the most interesting ones for me and hopefully for you too. People who bully are most likely to drink alcohol, do drugs,get into fights, vandalize property, and dropout of school. Also they are most likely to abuse their romantic partners, spouses, or children as adults.

When people bully their has to be some sort of cause.Some causes of bullying is try to fit in, their parents are mean to them so they have to go take it out on some other person because they can’t deal with it. Some people have been bullied and don’t want it to happen again to them. Another good reason is that people want to feel good about themselves and try to make it seem that they are strong. They do this to not get bullied.

The effect that bullying has on people is crazy. Some of the people who are getting bullied try to talk to their teacher but it doesn’t help that much. A good way to stop bullying is for the person getting bullied to go and tell their mom. Then the mom can go and talk to the bullies mom. They can figure out what to do and then talk to the bully, and make sure he knows how much he is hurting them. Some other effects is that they do drugs and drink alcohol. The consequences of bullying is that the bully will start to become bullied. If a bully get brought up to the administration they will probably get yelled at and suspended. This affects students by not wanting to go to school.

My perspective on bullying is that I hate it for many reasons. My main reason is that people have committed suicide because of the other person trying to feel good about himself. Another perspective is that they don’t care because they are bullying or no one does it to them and they are happy and able to go a day without getting made fun of. Most people hate bullying because they or their family members have been bullied.

My thinking on bullying is very different that other people. When people talk about bullying they think of being called names. But people don’t realize that it can also be shoving.Or any sort of verbal communication. So the Future President I hope that you will do your best to get rid of or deplenish the amount of bullying in the United States. If this happen everyone will not be scared everyday to come to school.


Saul Hansel 

West Milford High School

Botsolas Period 2 WHB

9th grade World History Class

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