Imogen Minnesota

Gun Laws

Why are stricter gun laws a necessity?

President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr/Mrs. President:

Think about what our world would be like with less mass shootings, about all the people who would still be with us today, and about the peace we could have and the grief we could avoid. If the President would push the issue of gun control to the top of his/her agenda, and give time to creating stronger laws, all of the topics previously listed could be avoided. It wouldn't cease all violence and tragedies but i am confident it would decrease the number we have on a yearly basis. I am writing this letter to bring gun control, particularly handguns and military style weapons, to your attention. This is an important topic that has been avoided by our previous Presidents and it is important to me that you create a law which makes the process of buying a gun more difficult, and minimize the number of handguns in people's hands today. As a result you will diminish the number of deaths, and grievance throughout our communities and nation.

It is startling how one can so easily get a handgun in the United States today. I am aware of the illegal guns that people can obtain within the criminal world, but that is another discussion. I am focusing on legal guns, the ones you can purchase at your local gun shop. In other industrial countries you have to go through a more rigorous process before the gun is yours. Unlike the United States, where all you have to know is that you have the “right to bear arms”(Vox). If we had more intricate steps including, background checks, and having a valid and appropriate reason for owning a gun, this will catch the people with records that could harm us in the future. The more steps, the less guns, and the less violence we will have.

There are 88.8 guns per 100 people in the United States and 45.7 or less in all other countries (Sydney Lupkin, ABC news).The outcome of this is that there are more homicides and suicides in the United States. If the next President would minimize the number of guns, then these incidents will be less likely to happen. In an article by Matthew Green it states that, “America's homicide rate is four times the rate of other industrial countries” (The Lowdown). Statistics like these should have much more attention and create an urgency for the incoming President to make a change.

The impact of mass shootings (The New York Times, “Since January, there have been at least 354 such cases in about 220 cities in 47 states”(Sharon LaFraniere, NYT)

are eternal and have everlasting effects on our nation and people. After one mass shooting a vast amount of people fear it happening again, and it possibly affecting them more than before. Nothing is the same when family and friends are needlessly lost and destruction is occurred. The grief and darkness that blankets our communities and country after yet another school, mall or university shooting must be stopped.

To avoid needless tragedies the future President needs to accentuate gun control, make the process of buying a gun harder, and create gun laws. If the President decreased the number of guns, then death rates will drop significantly. I am pleading with the future President of the United states to please take action and help save lives.

Sincerely yours,