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Gun control

We need more restrictions on gun control for the safety of our citizens

Dear next president,

As a student from middle school in GA, and the next generation of voters, I would like to address an issue that has been bothering me and that hopefully you could try to resolve. The issue that has been bothering me is gun control.  We need to have more laws on gun control to limit criminals from using guns. During recent shootings, we should have gun owners be more careful when using it and be more cautious when selling firearms to people. We need to be more cautious because some of these people might use it for robbery or killing. We need to have more restrictions on gun control for the safety for our citizens.

My first reason is to lower our crime rate. “In 2014, 14,249 murders were committed, and out of those about 9,000 were committed with a firearm”. This means that people are at risk of murder by someone with a firearm in their possession. This matters, because we need to protect our citizens. “ People who carry out massive shootings usually use a legally obtained weapons."  This mean criminals can easily get their weapons from a gun store. This matters because we should have more restrictions so that those people can't get their hands on guns.

My second reason is to keep the safety of others.  In 1994 of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey founding out that citizens use guns to scare of intruder who are breaking in their houses about 498,000 times. This means that people are forced to use a weapon to scare off an intruder and might kill the person. This is important because both criminals and victims should be able to live, even if they are trying to break into your house. This is why we should have more laws on gun control.

After recent shootings, we should take action and have more rules on gun control. As the next president, you can be influential in creating more laws on gun control.  Also, we should ban some people from purchasing a gun for doing something horrible in the past.  Additionally, we should have more police patrolling around certain areas to protect the citizens. If you could do these steps, hopefully it will help the country become a better place.


Davis P

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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