Sofia M. Minnesota

Cruelty to Animals

Animal cruelty is wrong, and should have a more serious punishment for those who abuse animals.

  October 7, 2016

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on winning the election. My name is Sofia, and I love all animals. I have three dogs, and four cats at home, and I am writing this letter to hopefully shed some light on a topic that I find concerning, Animal cruelty. I find Animal cruelty an issue do to the amount of animal cruelty cases that there are. I believe that something should be done about this. I suggest that cruelty towards animals have to be illegal in all fifty states, and this is why.

First off, everyone is aware that animal abuse is horrible. There is absolutely no reason for someone to adopt a dog, or cat, or any other lovable creature and then torture it. It’s psychotic, and those people are dangerous. In the article “The Humane Society Of The United States Releases Yearlong Study On Animal Cruelty In America” by U.S. Newswire, it claims that at least 21 percent of the animal abuse incidents also had family violence. People that abuse animals can become threatening to others. Many people that have abused animals when they were young, become criminals, or could even kill, like Jeffrey Dahmer, or Ted Bundy. Also, animal abuse also leads to other kinds of abuse. People that have abused animals have also abused children, the elderly, domestic violence, etc.

I believe that there should be a national law against animal cruelty. There isn’t a national law yet against these crimes, there are only local, and state laws in certain states. I think that if there was a national law that enforced a serious punishment, like more jail time, then there would be less cases of animal abuse. Hopefully while you are in office something can be done about this. Thank you for taking the time to read this.