Ptowns Alabama

Compensation is Due

Do you think that affirmative action is right?

Dear next president,

Affirmative action has been an issue in America for decades. I do believe affirmative action should be given to minorities in job settings and college admissions. Over the years, whites have taken advantage of African Americans, Hispanics, and other minority groups. White landowners took advantage of these minorities in slave work, paying them less than white workers, and mistreating them. I believe these racial groups deserve compensation for all the inequality that they have been receiving for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

So, next elected president, I think you should start your term tomorrow by helping minorities to receive job opportunities based more on their race than their skill level. Race should play a factor in the workplace to ensure their is no racial discrimination. A certain percentage of minorities should be employed in every workplace and should play a factor for admittance to college. It is time for change and that time is now.


A Future Minority in America