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The Throwaway Children

Everyday about 5,760 children are being given up or put in foster care and orphanages . So clearly things aren't getting better . There are way too many children in the world living in orphanages and foster homes. This means we need to take things into our own hands and be more responsible ,they are not getting enough love and support to make them try harder and prove themselves.

Dear Future President,

My issue is that there are too many people in foster homes in this country. =I propose that more women abort their pregnancies or put their children up for adoption, if they know they won’t be able to care for them. Too many kids in the world end up depressed, killing themselves, and never having a family or loving home. NO one should live that way!

According to http://www.childrensrights.org/newsroom/fact-sheets/foster-care , there are about 400,000 children living in the foster care system and about 100,00 in need of an adoptive home. Another piece of evidence is from the website , where it says In 2014 over 650,00 kids were in foster care. And http://www2.ed.gov/about/inits/ed/foster-care/index.html says that there are approximately 400,000 children and youth in foster care in 2016. These statistics show that nothing’s changed after 2 years.

These children are less likely to be successful according to https://skywardjourney.wordpress.com/orphan-statistics/. The website states that “ studies have shown that 10% – 15% of these children commit suicide before they reach age eighteen.These studies also show that 60% of the girls become prostitutes and 70% of the boys become hardened criminals .Another study reported that of the 15,000 orphans aging out of state-run institutions every year, 10% committed suicide, 5,000 were unemployed,6,000 were homeless and 3,000 were in prison within three years…” What will do you about this, Mr./Ms. President?

In conclusion, I think people should be more responsible and prevent so many kids from ending up in the foster system. I also think it should be put in the law that you are required to try your hardest to find a great and suitable home for children. I think we should do this because the government isn't doing anything about it so people think that they can get away with it, seriously. No one deserves to live like this !


The Future Generation 

Bernal Intermediate

Mrs. Fresh's Freshest Class

We are the leaders of tomorrow and we care. We have astonishing points of view on society and the challenges we need to deal with. We are one of few 8th grade classes who are writing, talking and standing up for our cause whether it be discrimination or corruption we have no fear, we will stand!. We are very passionate about our issues even though we can't vote. We still have a voice and want to be heard!

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