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Disadvantages of College Costs

College costs in America have become increasingly high. And this is a huge problem that hopefully our Future President can solve.

Dear Future President,

I am a freshman in highschool, and I have come to realize that school is a big part of my life and I plan on going to college. But the cost of tuition has become increasingly high. And for me that would be a huge problem. Like many Americans, my parents work and I am nowhere near rich or wealthy. So, paying back student loans, and being in debt, may be a problem. And I think that this is a huge problem that you should be aware of, and hopefully make a solution for in the near future.

First, this is a problem because, as an adult who still wants to live under their parents roof and not be able to live on your own? Most adults would rather have their own house or apartment where they can live as freely as they would like. But, because of the price to attend college many college graduates are forced to move back in with their parents due to their lack of money. In “Tuition Talk:Side Effects of College Costs”, it says, “Often young adults delay buying their first home due to rising debt.” The cost of college is so high that adults are forced to wait longer than they would like before purchasing their own house. And this is all because of the price of college tuition. Which on average is, $23,893 to attend a public university out of state.r

In addition, this a problem because a large amount of college students are forced to live forever in debt. That is a huge problem. College students are basically forced to have multiple extra bills to pay. While there are more important things that need to be payed for. For example, in “Tuition Talk: Side Effect of College Costs”, the text goes on to say, “Many students take out multiple loans in an attempt to combat rising tuition costs.” This shows how the costs of tuition are so high that students are forced to take out loans which force them to have to pay back more and more money.

All in all, college tuition is a huge burden on working families. Because of how high priced tuition is. Therefore, as the head of our country, hopefully you can find a solution to solve this problem, which will benefit millions of people.

Thank you,


Lusher Charter School


English IH

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