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Dear, Next President

Out of all my my research on this topic between the two candidates, I could hardly find any sources for Donald Trump. It's almost as he has avoided this issue. Now, I can't lie, I'm a little biased towards Trump because of how I was raised, but Hillary Clinton has lots of information on this issue. This is important to me because in a few years I'll be in college, struggling with student and college debt, which kind of concerns me towards the candidates and how they will deal with this issue.

I have had some concerns about the plans of our next president. I am going to ask questions about my concerns to have you think and question yourself about them. I'm going to be concerned on the topic, educational cost. 

The average four year public college fee (in-state) is $18,943 per year. This as a serious problem because 14.5%  Americans are living in poverty, that's more than 45 million people. There is now way they could pay to get even a decent education. Hillary Clinton has a plan for this. She says she will cut all college debt and take on student debt.

Donald Trump on the the other hand, plans to work with Congress on reforms to ensure university's are making a good effort to reduce the cost of college and student debt in exchange for the federal tax breaks and tax dollars. Trump believes that the government should not benefit from student debt.

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