Ashley C. Iowa

Brutality Against Our Officers

The violence directed at our police in America is ludicrous and completely unnecessary.

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing you this letter to express my concern over an issue which I feel is of extreme importance to the well being of America. This issue is the lack of respect of our police officers. I will discuss some points from both sides of the argument as some people believe that it is the police lacking respect for people. There are a large group of people who are violently protesting our police forces like seen in Ferguson. They feel that the police have beaten and killed people without being provoked. They say the police have been abusing their powers.

However, I feel that the issue isn't the cops’ use of force rather the citizens requiring them to use such force. Although there are some cops that are abusing their power, many times you are only getting one side of the story. The people try to fight or avoid being arrested so the police are forced to use force to detain the suspects. In some instances, like the one that sparked the Ferguson riots, a police officer felt that the use of their firearm was necessary. The suspect was said to be armed and had just robbed a store. Come to find out later that he was also on drugs at the time and had no respect for the law. I believe the police officer was right to do what he did. So as our next president you need to restore the mutual respect of law and order to keep our citizens safe.


Ashley Clark