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College Costs and Security in the U.S.

College Costs and Security


Dear Future President:

With the election coming up the future president should be thinking of ways to help the United States safer and more successful. With Obama leaving, the next president has to patch up the holes he left. Too many things in America have shady spots that need work. For instance, college costs and security at big attractions throughout the U.S.

It may seem like the U.S. is a gloryhole is this world, but many people don't have the money to pay for college. With the government sucking money out of people like ATM machines, many people struggle with money. If college wasn't so expensive, those less fortunate with little money could go to school and get a good job, but it is too spendy to get a degree. The government should lower the price so they don't potentially put half the United States in poverty. Even though student loans help pay for college, they can take up to years to pay off. My family for instance, was once included in the group of people who were in poverty. My dad was attending college at the time and my parents had to care for 4 children (I wasn't born yet). They could barely pay for diapers and gas. They even lived on food stamps for three years. My family relied 100% on student loans. To this day my dad is still playing his student loans off. All of this came down to one thing, college being too expensive.

Another problem that the new president could help fix is the security at big places. Today too many shootings or bombings are happening and hurting innocent people. Now doing something as simple as going to the mall isn't safe. Even at Disney World the security isn't very good. You don't have to go through security until you actually get to one of the parks. Thousands of people pass through the main entrance without being checked. Same with the Mall of America. There are security guards walking around, but there are so many people from around the world in that mall. Nobody's bags are checked or anything. The U.S. should up their security at bigger attractions so the chance for mass killings in public goes down. Plus, we want everybody to be safer.

Whoever the next president is, I hope they take these ideas into consideration. Maybe if he/she did the United States would be more successful. People would actually be able to pay for school. It would potentially be safer at the biggest and even smallest attractions.


Faith Koch