Mae L. Connecticut

Gun Violence in The USA

This letter is focused on the issue of Gun Violence in the United States.

Dear Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump,

My name is Mae Logan and I am a highschool student from Westport, Connecticut. I believe that one of the biggest problems facing our country and the 2016 election is gun violence and gun laws in America. As president you should take action to save lives and save our country by increasing protection over guns. How long are we going to sit around as a country and watch people die from gun violence until we do something about it? We have watched and heard about shootings occurring almost every week that it doesn’t even phase us anymore. Ehab Zahriyeh states that “December 2nd, the 336th day of the year, marked the 353rd mass shooting of the year for 2015.” As a country, we almost dismiss each shooting as “just another one of those” but we should be trying to fix the problem and addressing the core of the issue, which is Gun Violence and the need for stricter gun laws. As the next president of the United States, You should implement stronger, more restricting gun laws that will create order in our country and protect many more lives from being lost.

Mr. Trump, you have stated in your speeches and at your campaign rallies that during your presidency one of the main things you would like to focus on is creating law and order within our country. One of the main issues that is causing disorder right in the country is gun violence. Many people have died from shootings and mass shootings daily. Wesserman Shultz said, “380 Americans have died in 294 mass shootings in 2015 alone”. By allowing guns to be legal to all Americans you would be allowing for these shootings and even mass shootings to keep happening, which is basically doing the opposite and is creating disorder in our country. You also say that you want to increase the amount of police in cities and places that tend to fall victim to police brutality and bad crime. Much of this crime and need for more police in neighborhoods could be cured if stricter gun laws were in place. A huge cultural issue in our country right now stands with the motto, “Black Lives Matter”. By creating stricter gun laws there would be less police brutality and police could more easily get control of stressful situations. While on the other hand, Police would not have to pull the trigger on innocent people in scary situations. I am not saying that stricter gun laws would create a full solution for all of the police brutality and gun problems in these neighborhoods but it could help.

Mrs. Clinton, at your rallies and speeches you have addressed that in your presidency you want to help families and create a more cohesive environment. You want to help children and help them be able to succeed and have a good life. You want to instate a paid family leave “And join the rest of the world (Hillary Clinton), Families can deeply be affected by guns and the terrors they can enlist on a family. Losing a parent is specifically hard and even harder when you know that someone killed them. Ms. Clinton, if you truly want to stop the hurting of families and the progressing of people dying in the United States, you will implant stronger more restrictive gun laws. I live in Westport, Connecticut which is about 35 minutes from Newtown, CT where the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place. Many families from that town were badly damaged from that day and still feel the pain every time their child’s birthday comes around or even Christmas. To be able to preserve these families we need to eliminate gins and make stronger gun laws that will protect children from something like this ever happening again.

In conclusion, the gun laws in the United states are not working and need to be changed. More laws need to be implemented in order to save lives and fix the disarray and crime in our country. If stricter gun laws are implemented in the United States we will be able to lower the amounts of mass shootings, shootings, and even school shootings, which is disgracefully high at the moment. Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton, it is your duty as the next president to protect the lives of the American people and creating stricter gun regulations will do so. 

Staples High School


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