Garrett A. Missouri

Immigration Letter to Future President

I think immigration is ok if it benefits the U.S., not just the person who is immigrating.

Dear Future President of the United States,

              I am writing to you about the issue of immigration in our country.  I think it should be allowed, but we should provide better background checks for the immigrants that come into our country. In an article in "The Atlantitic", FBI Director, James Comey says,  "The San Bernardino shooters were plotting an attack on the U.S. before their entry." This supports my reasoning that our background checks on these illegals need to be more precise, so we know who it is we're letting in and how to prioritize them.

              According to "The Atlantic", "It seems clear the large majority of legal immigrants choose to come or are chosen by relatives for their own reasons." "If they aren't chosen by U.S. then the U.S. needs to be more thorough in their background checks." Also, if we made a list of who we let in, it would limit people with shady backgrounds.

              Last of all , according to "The Atlantic", "Donald Trumps noisy complaints that immigration is out of control are true and that no one is making conscious decisions of who is wanted and who is not."   While this is true, we don't want the government hand-picking at the expense of others. People who want to be here are here as productive citizens after a complete background check.


                                                                                                       A Concerned Citizen