Kylee E. Missouri


Immigration needs to be controlled.

October 27,2016

Dear Future President, 

     Immigration is not bad, it should just be controlled. Immigration is an issue and has become a major debate for everyone. A lot of people say it has a ton of negative impacts like the bombings and overcrowding, but immigrants still have a great impact in our society. 

     In a New York Times article, superintendent James Meza from Louisiana said, "More then 1,000 new children were enrolled last fall, and by Feburary 2014 we had the highest concentration of students with limited English proficiency (around 10% of the students) of any public school system in the state." Most immigrants that enroll in school here in America are normally a grade or two behind. So many public school systems struggle to find adequate resources to teach the new students, if we are going to continue to have a ton of immigrants enroll in schools then "we need extra classrooms, extra teachers and counselors, and money for transportation costs and extended year programs to accelerate instruction that will bring students to grade level." That way there is not as much crowding in the schools but also to help the new kids get to where they need to be.

    In an article from The Atlantic, David Frum states that, "Since 1991, the United States has accepted more then 100,000 Somali refugees. Somali gangs have emerged as a serious threat to the community safety both in Hennepin County and as a unique challenge to our law enforcement re-sources." Why let these people into our country? That is putting us Americans in danger. "Other young Somalis turn to political and religious violence. An estimated of 50 American Somalis return to fight for al Shabab, committing some of the most heinous acts of that insurgency. One carried out a suicide bombing that killed 24 people in 2009." They are putting the U.S.  in danger and nobody is doing anything about it. This stuff needs to be controlled. It's not fair to the U.S. citizens that people get to just come over and put them in danger. 

     These things should be controlled and not just left alone. Immigration is not bad, it should just be controlled. Immigration has its positive affects but it also has its negative affects. If someone just took control and tried to fix these things, immigration would not be that bad. We could turn it around and make things better for some people.  


                                                                                                                        Kylee E.