Alanna P. Missouri

A Nation Divided

My letter is about how our nation is divided. How we fight ourselves and are full of hatred. But it is also about how to fix this problem, how to save lives and create love and hope, It is about us all and how to unite us as one!

Dear Future President,

We live in a nation divided by Democrat and Republican, Man and Woman, Black and White. We can not get along with each other, we are full of hatred, and we take it out on everyone. People die every day because our nation can not be equal or fair. We don't know how to be kind. Did you know that so far in 2016 3,821 people have been shot in Chicago alone, 610 of which were killed. 610 people lost their lives, and that was just in one city. That is unacceptable. We have to stop killing our own people. We have to give people a reason to feel love and want to save lives instead of take them. YOU have to give us that reason and hope, because you are our leader. So lead us, but lead us in the right direction, not the wrong one.

Racial discrimination has become a huge problem. Blacks are killing whites because whites are killing blacks and vise versa. Skin color should not matter. We are all the same, underneath our skin we are just humans, humans with hearts and brains and we are ALL the same. We all have the ability to love and care, so we need to do so. Hurting other people just because of their race, or even their gender, is a terrible terrible thing to do. And I will not stand for it, I will not stand for a nation divided, because I want a safe place in this world, I don't want to be scared to go out into the city because their are killers and robbers in this country. I want to be excited to go outside and travel the country and save lives. I want hope. So give me hope, give our COUNTRY hope. Give us a reason to be happy and kind. If you do that, you will make a huge difference in this country, I promise that if you do that, you will be known as the one who saved us from ourselves. So save us.