Chandler T. Missouri


I feel like immigration is bad for our country and is not fair to the American people.

October 25th ,2016

Dear Future President,

        I think that immigration is bad for our country. We have many problems going on with immigration and I would like to mention a few things to you that seem like a problem to me. There are about half of all immigrant households accepting some form of welfare, as said in The Atlantic America's Immigration Challenge article. This is costing too much money for America to keep up with. We are already in major debt and if we allow these immigrants to keep drawing welfare we will be in massive debt. I do not think this is a very responsible tactic for our country to pursue.

          An article I read mentioned a Chinese man who murdered his wife with a hammer for cheating on him and he got away scotch free because it was what his culture does, as stated in The New York Times, "Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy". I do not think this is right because, if you decide to emigrate over to our country,  you need to learn before you come over here what our laws are and make sure you know how to follow them. I think that he should have been punished just like any other "American" and go through a trial, a jury, and after that go to prison for life, just like an American would for committing murder. If we keep allowing this to happen, then there will be no civil rule and our country will just be suffering as these immigrants who do not care are degrading it. This is something that does not need to be happening in our country.

           Also, another major problem with immigration in America is that immigrant children cannot learn properly.  These children cannot learn property because they have not been taught to speak English and there isn't  a way for them to learn English. This is a big problem because if the children cannot learn then they can never adjust to our way of life, our language, and our way of doing things. I think if a group of immigrants would like to come to America then, they will need to pass a series of tests about our language, our country, and the history of America. If the immigrants cannot do any of these things successfully, then they will be over here just mooching off of America and the American taxpayers, which is unfair to both them and all of the American people. If we do this and allow immigrants in our country that know nothing about it or how to get through everyday life, then his will be detrimental to the health of our great country.

          All in all, I think immigration is a bad thing, illegal or not, because immigrants are not able to learn or provide for themselves. If they cannot do that then they don't deserve to be an American. As I support my claim, I state again that immigration is bad for our country and I would like you, dear future president,  to help fix the major problem with immigration.