Olivia W. Missouri


More after school activities

Dear Future President, 

I think that schools should have more of a selection of after school activities like sports. As you get older they have more sports to offer, but I think that they should have them as you are younger too. So when you go in middle school or high school you are experienced with the sport and will have a chance. When I got to middle school they offered Volleyball but in elementary they didn't so I really didn't know what I was doing and I didn't think I would make the team. They should offer more sports in elementary so kids are ready as they get older and then they will have a positive mindset. 

I also think they should offer more because sports help kids in track. Being involved in sports has kept me out of trouble and I have maintained my grades. Also being in sports I have made more friends and have built better relationships with people. I also think being involved in sports had kept me very social and I stay in better shape. Offering more schools will keep kids from being couch potatoes.