Cheyanne J. Missouri


I am against immigration because immigrants are over populating the United States and are costing us to much money.

Dear Future President,

     My frustration is that in the text, Americas Immigration Challenge,  from The Atlantic, it says that there are 51,000 Central Americans that have jumped the border in 2014 and they are still in the United States to this day. This is not good because we have an over abundance of immigrants. If we do not do something now, then we will be over crowded and we will run out of resources. If that happened we would not be able to feed everyone and then a lot of our Americans would be starving.

      One detail about how bad all these immigrants are getting is that if we keep letting in more and more immigrants they will have a negative economic effect on the United States. When we have illegal immigrants it costs the local and state governments money, which is not good for us because then we have to pay more in taxes. That is not good because we should not have to pay for immigrants to live here illegally.

       What I do not understand is why they are still in America? Why cant we try harder than we are right now to get the immigrants out of the United States? They are costing us way too much money when they are not even supposed to be here without the proper paper work. If you become president,  then you should try harder than the people who are in charge right now to get them out of the United States, unless they have their correct paperwork.


                                                                                                                                         Cheyanne J.